May 14, 2010

Motor Claim Form- Royal Sundaram

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In the event of an accident
Please arrange for medical attention if anyone suffers injuries.
Take down particulars of other vehicles / people involved, if any.
Please do not accept any negligence for the accident nor commit to anybody regarding compensation, if any.
In the event of injury, death, third party property damage, burglary, theft, hoRoyal Sundarame -breaking and damage due to malicioRoyal Sundaram act, riot, strike and terrorist activity, immediate information to the police station concerned is essential.
If the accident is severe in nature, and the vehicle cannot be moved, ensure proper protection of the vehicle at the spot. Please do not attempt either to start the engine or drive the vehicle after the accident and before required repairs.
Arrange to shift the vehicle to the nearest garage of your choice and ask them to prepare a detailed estimate (labor charges with list of parts along with its prices)
Please do not dismantle or alter the accident condition of the vehicle or repair till the vehicle is surveyed / assessed by a surveyor. Also to ensure that no parts or accessories are missing at any point of time.

Intimation to Royal Sundaram
Inform Royal Sundaram about any accident or loss immediately.
Collect a claim form from Royal Sundaram. Please submit back the duly / completely filled-in claim form to Royal Sundaram.
Please contact Royal Sundaram for guidance on the -cashless facility- garages, if any at your location, to avail direct payment facility by Royal Sundaram to such a repairer.

Documentation For verification & Return (along with a set of photo copies):
Original vehicle registration book (including the fitness certification, if it is a separate document)
Original driving license.

For submission
Copy of the police complaint (FIR)
Estimate of repairs.
We may seek additional document(s) or ask for clarification(s) for processing your claim and that depends upon the claim. Please arrange to submit the same.
Depending upon the type of settlement, we require a few specific documents to proceed further. It is essential to submit the same for the settlement.

Survey and Assessment All damages / losses will be surveyed and assessed by a surveyor / assessor and admissibility of the claim and mode of settlement is decided only after the process.

Please note: Please ensure that you give Royal Sundaram the correct & complete contact details (address /telephone no's / mail IDs in the claim form.
If you receive any notice or summon with regard to the accident (other than criminal proceedings, if any), contact Royal Sundaram with the petition copy.
The above are only broad and general indicators about the claims process and please contact Royal Sundaram for a complete brief on the procedure / requirements to process your claim.

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